Interior Colour Consultation

Designers to complete an interior paint or wall finishes schedule


How this works

We can meet you at your existing home (Christchurch based) or if you are building a new home we would meet at Furnishscene and work from your plans (Please bring these with you).

It helps to know what brand of paint you prefer or which brand your painters will be using as we don’t recommend colour matching between brands. We can work with any brand you choose or we can recommend one. We will work with you to select ceiling, woodwork and wall colours on the spot. You will receive a written colour scheme for you and your painter and you will receive larger paint samples/drawdowns for your records and final approval

If you require  wallpaper options we would have a second meeting after our initial consultation (all included in price) so we can source some choices for you from the thousands of options from our wholesalers. When you are happy with the selection we will provide a quotation to supply the wallpaper only as the installation is separate.

Allow 1.5 hours for this meeting. Allow 1.5 weeks for drawdowns to arrive and be sent in the post. Supply of wallpaper can be between 1- 4 weeks delivery

Our wallpaper is all imported and ordered as you require it. The rolls start from approximately $140. We can estimate the quantity you require but your wallpaper hanger will need to confirm this as we can’t return excess rolls.

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