Our Story

Isn’t it funny where life leads you if you let it. Sisters Karen and Bridget never expected their paths would cross, and result in the development of Furnishscene.
Both qualified in interior design but embarked on different paths in their careers, with Karen specialising in soft furnishings and Bridget in colour. Over time they came to realise that joining forces would only strengthen what each other offered.

In the beginning

Bridget’s now husband encouraged her to take the leap and start her own business in 1999. It was a novelty at first; buying her first cellphone, finding a few ongoing contracts and buying the Freedom Furniture Z Desk were all part of the excitement.

Bridget specialised in paint and colour, but was continually being asked for extended services in curtains and soft furnishings, not to mention the work involved with accounting and running of a business. While due with her first child Bridget was asked to complete a large project, and it became quickly evident that she needed a hand.

Karen, who started her career in soft furnishings in 1987, had just sold a successful curtaining business in Wellington. She was looking for a new challenge and took the challenge to move to Christchurch and form a new company with Bridget. For Karen it was the perfect opportunity to create something unique and spend time with her new nephew.

All of a sudden Bridget had support in Karen and more recently, the design expertise of Anne Roy.

Bridget’s son Jack was born in 2004, and now has two brothers. As the family has grown so has the business, with each decision for the future accommodating both the family and business needs.

Bridget and Karen now employ a talented team of designers and support staff and have completed a range of extensive design projects.

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